What to Wear On A New Year’s Eve?

If you are one of those guys who doesn’t have the answer to what to wear on New Year’s Eve then read on and bid adieu to your confusion.

It’s New year’s eve and you have plans to go clubbing to a Night club or pub hopping but are confused about what to wear at a night club? Don’t fret my friend. Follow some simple tips and be absolutely ready to break a leg and paint the town.

  • Do your research: The important thing to remember when you are out to a Night club is to dress in something that is comfortable and appropriate. You want to appear smooth and stylish and also sexy, you know create a good impression. Sometimes certain clubs or lounges have dress codes. And they don’t give entry if you are not dressed accordingly. So do some research. You can call the club and enquire or check their website. If it’s a new place see what kind of environment is there, is the club casual or is it classy. You want to stand out but not feel awkward so dress accordingly.
  • Grooming: Before dressing make sure you shower and groom yourself.
  • Shirt/T-shirt:If it’s a casual place then and only then go for the t-shirt otherwise I would recommend the shirt. Pick a shirt in nice pastel shades. Avoid black or white. This is because most guys tend to go for the black shirt or white shirt along with a pair of pants. At any club at any given time you will find at least 10 guys dressed in a black or a white shirt. It’s very common. Another reason to avoid it is that most nightclubs have dim or dark lighting and pastel shades look really good in these lights. Avoid sequence, rhinestones, or bling on your shirt. Please avoid dressing like the disco ball.

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  • Jacket/Cardigan/Vest: A jacket looks really sexy and is extremely useful for carrying your phone, wallet, keys, and id and so on, especially if it is one of those which have pockets on the inside. If its winter you can wear a jacket or a cardigan but if it’s warmer and you still want to wear a jacket I suggest you go for something which has thin material so you don’t feel hot. A vest is also a good option. It looks extremely classy. You can go for some nice prints and cuts and look really suave.
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  • Bottom wear: If you are a denim and jeans kind of guy and are going clubbing to a place that does not have a dress code then you can team up your shirt with a pair of denims. Pick a pair in a darker shade and go for one that is slightly distressed or ripped. It will look really cool. You can wear chinos or khakis too. Please pick a pair of pants that fits you right. Do not wear pants which are too tight or too loose and avoid those loose jeans that keep falling off your butt. That is a huge turn off.
  • Shoes: I know you go to the gym and can give tips to get six pack abs or biceps but please don’t wear your sneakers or gym trainers to the club. They are meant for jogging and exercising. Admitted that you want to dance all night and bring the house down and you need a comfortable pair of shoes but there are more stylish options available like slip ons, loafers and monk straps. Avoid laces. And unless it’s a Bollywood or Jitendra night avoid white shoes.
  • Accessories: You can accessorize with a cool watch. You can also sport some jewelry like leather bracelet or ear studs or funky rings to a Night club but don’t overdo it. Avoid wearing and or carrying sunglasses. Its night time and the clubs dark too so unless you have eye infection or are Scott Summers loose the Glares.

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These tips will definitely get you looking suave, sexy and ready for a night about town.

We Wish you Happy New Year,  and also keep showing your love to your love once’s in 2017.

P.S. – Also dont forget us in 2017! ;-)


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