5 Must Have Shoes in Every Man’s Wardrobe

5. Sneakers:

Now point to be noted here is that these are not the sneakers you wear for running or training or to the gym, that are meant for exercising or jogging and always look worn even if you brought it last week and only wear it to the gym. I am talking about a nice and different pair of fashion sneakers that you use not for exercising but when you are stepping out for a day around town. You know for something casual and laid back. The fashion sneakers work well with denims and chinos. You can have fun with these by picking up contrasting and bright coloured laces or funky prints.

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Many people fail while buying a sneaker, but we don’t want you to! So Read this now

So these are the 5 basic shoes every guy should have to avoid fashion faux pas and complete each outfit with style!


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