13 Wardrobe Must Haves!

13 Wardrobe Must Haves!

13 Wardrobe Must Haves!

1. Let us start off with a white oxford shirt! You need one whether you need to attend a meeting, a formal dinner or even a party. Pair your shirt with denims and make women feel like you actually took the efforts!

2. Grey crew neck sweaters, hoodies or sweatshirts in grey. Grey is the new black! It is cool, comfortable and goes well with practically anything. Buy one with a soft fabric if you are not from a cold place. Also, these last for years. You can buy one and use it as your style statement, flawlessly and for decades!

  • Wear it over your oxford shirt or just any shirt and keep your collar out if your sweater is round or V-neck.
  • Wear a blazer or sports jacket over if it’s cold where you live or you are planning a trip. It is smart, suave and comfortable!
  • Wear it over basic denims for a casual day out!
  • Wear it with tracks for a work out!

3 Basic white t-shirt (preferably with a pocket). This is your saviour for the heat. Clean and plan white t-shirts make men look really clean. That is very important for a woman. More than you realise.

4. Leather jacket. Need I say more? Need I give you reasons for this? It is the coolest piece of fashion from the time it was invented! It will never go out of fashion.

5. Basic blazer or a sports jacket. This helps you out on lunch dates, parties and even office if your work environment is cool. A t-shirt under with denims, gives you a smart look for dates, specially if you have a beard! A smart shirt with flannels or even chinos gives you a semi-formal look perfect for an easy going work environment or a casual Friday! You can try both these looks for any party as well. Have you guys heard of the tweed herringbone? That is HOT in fashion. If you haven’t do read my blog about the same!

6. Own a pocket square! It is classy, quick and a conversation starter. While we are on the subject, a bow-tie would do you well too.

7. A very basic pair of regular fit dark blue denims. They go well with all your shirts, tshirts, blazers and practically anything!

13 Wardrobe Must Haves!
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13 Wardrobe Must Haves!
Some items that you NEED in your collection at all times! We have a list of Wardrobe must haves here, check what items you already own!
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