7 Ways Women Want Her Man to Dress

7 ways women want her man to dress

Haven’t you always wanted to be the guy she flaunts about in front of her friends? Or the guy she isn’t embarrassed to go out with openly? Theunstitchd is here to your rescue. Here are the 9 things that you should keep in mind and knowing how women want her man to dress.

  1. DON’T FOLLOW THE CROWD: she definitely wants her man to stand out of the crowd and be the unique guy that other girls turn their heads for. So stop hiding behind other guys and wear whatever you do with confidence. Wear different combinations and impressive shoes. Don’t wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time.
  2. YOUR FRAGRANCE: it’s obviously second on the list as it makes your lady go all Gaga (if you do it right) or else she might just gag. So make sure you get your magical portion and spray just the right amount (preferably 2 sprays on the neck). Avoid Cool water as it turns most of the ladies off. Hmph.
  3. WEAR WELL-FITTED SUITS OR TUX: she loves looking at her man look like a “man”. That’s right, suits and tuxedos are the one fashion pieces that make you look decent and sophisticated. It makes her go all crazy. Wear a classy tie and she’ll go all wild for you.
  4. WEAR A NICE PAIR OF JEANS: seriously, what is the issue with the jeans that you all wear? They never fit well! Please get jeans that flatter your body and there is always a great pair there for you.
  5. YES, SHOES MATTER- yes we do judge your personality by your shoes. Good shoes mean sexy personality. Period.
  6. T-SHIRTS: women preferably like crew neck tees and sweatshirts. Very few like V-neck t-shirts. See what your girl likes.
  7. KEEP IT COVERED: keep your ankle covered. Only 6% of the ladies preferred it uncovered.

Hope you got an idea of how to dress and what to improve on. Good luck being a gentleman! P.S. ALWAYS WEAR A CLASSY WATCH. ALWAYS. PERIOD.



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