7 Startling Pink Outfits for Men

Congratulations, the fact that you opened this blog proves the point that you are damn cool and have the confidence and the desire to stay in style.You are no longer a child who needs “boy coloured” clothes. Also, pink catches women attention and we actually think it makes you look sexy. Women are naturally attracted to pink. Pink gets you the girl. Period.Pink is a versatile colour. The fact is any skin tone works with some type of pink outfit. Men with darker complexions look good in lighter shades such as carnation pinkcherry blossom and lavender pink. Meanwhile guys on the fair side can go with deeper shades like Persian rose and hot pink. Pink ties are cute and also get noticed. Just keep the tone lighter.

So wear the pink with pride and remember pink makes every style a remarkable one. Check these looks out and start experimenting.

Tell us how many heads did you turn and how well you pulled off that pink with confidence! Good luck!

P.S. I personally love boys wearing pink. They actually look cute and sexy at the same time, which is rarely possible in any other fashion piece and colour.


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