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Everything You Need To Know About Styling Varsity Jacket

What Is The Varsity Jacket And How Can You Style It Right?

The comfortable jackets with a round neck and particularly cool fashion statement with its sleeve in a contrasting color is what defines a varsity jacket. This jacket is peculiar because the sleeves are of a different shade than the rest of the main body of the jacket. It is inspired from our university football jacket styles and caught up on fashion ever since it came into existence but has recently gone viral again! It is not a very warm or the warmest jacket you have but it is good enough for soft breezy days.

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The styling aspect of the varsity jacket is tricky because if you do this wrong you will end up looking like nothing more than a college junior! These jackets symbolize young college goers and you must separate the jacket from this identity even if you are a college student simply to add more character to the look.

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The first quick tip to achieve this is the perfect footwear. Do not go for heavy shoes with this jacket. Casual sneakers or even full winged brogues will give you a nice edgy look. Make sure your bottom wear is not skin tight but rather a regular fitted chino or casual trouser in shades of beige, brown, navy blue etc.

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Mostly the jacket comes with white sleeves when it s for a casual stylish wear rather than a college team supporter. This is important to distinguish the style statement. You can also opt for the ones which are not so contrasting like maroon jacket with navy blue sleeves.

This is a cool and laid back style statement that will give you a sudden sense of nostalgia and a much younger look!

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