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The Denim Look!

Okay men, let’s get this straight – women love men in denims. Its just smart, sexy and strong! However very often guys mess up the most basic denim lookHere is the perfect denim guide for all you fashion junkies!

  • A perfect dark blue basic denim is a must have. It should not have any wash or distress. This is only as a must have. Something that will go well with your semi-formal as well as casual look! It should be a regular fit denim or maybe even narrow to slim fit if you have the perfect body.

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  • A distressed denim is fashion statement and it will never go out of fashion. However unless it is a themed party or an emergency, your distressed denims are only for casual day out like a picnic or casual date!
  • Denim jacket can replace your leather jacket easily and in a pocket friendly way! It is a cheaper alternative that gives you a similar feel and personality! Who says fashion is expensive? Also apart from the pocket friendly aspect, sometimes its just too hot for leather and denim jacket is always welcome! You can wear a basic white T-shirt or flannel shirt under for this look!

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  • Sometimes its just too hot for denim jacket too! Well in this case how to look sexy but feel comfortable? Denim shirt! Button it up or leave it unbottoned as a jacket! Either way it makes you look strong! Men with a strong jaw-line should opt for the denim jacket look. Its just very cool. Also there is no such thing as “too much denim”. Denim jacket over a T-shirt and jeans is just perfect! Just make sure your jeans are of a darker shade and your jacket is of a lighter shade of blue.
  • Styling your denim – You need a white T-shirt to wear under a denim shirt or jacket. A flannel shirt to wear over denims. You can even add a denim jacket over if its cold. This look is really smart and mysterious. Denim jackets or shirts also compliment your chinos. On a beach day out or a casual breakfast with friends, try this look – knee length shorts, a T-shirt and denim shirt or jacket over!
  • There is no season or time of the day specification for denim look. There is not even a set dress code. Keep it simple, keep it stylish. We love our men in casual denims. Add a stubble and its ruggedly handsome! Something all women are looking for in their men!

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It is very important to carry a strong personality to compliment your look. Denims are an element of persona and strength. They add style and class in the simplest way possible. Denims are in fact the most pocket friendly fashion tools that never go out of fashion and continue to compliment you irrespective of your body structure and type. Confidence is the key!

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