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The Perfect Suit – Suit Jacket

The suit jacket is the highlight of any suit. It is the most important aspect of the suit look and therefore it is very important to understand the rules of the perfect suit jacket!

The Perfect Suit – Suits Jacket

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1) Never wear your suit jacket separately i.e. without your suit. This is because it may fade faster and then not match the trousers exactly thus looking frail.

2) It is very important that your jacket is well fitted. Tight jacket will be very evident because of the stretched wrinkles it will create and the lose jacket will obviously ruin the appearance of your body structure.

3) The length of the sleeve is also a very important element dominating your suit jacket decision. It is always preferable to have the perfect length for the sleeve. This is the most noticeable part of your attire because you will be shaking a lot of hands! Now the length can get tricky because as you move your shoulders, the length will shift. The perfect length therefore is one inch smaller than your dress shirt. So, the dress shirt will cover your wrist completely and the jacket sleeve will be an inch shorter, when your hand is rested down parallel to your legs.

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4) The jacket length is also a controversial decision because for some reason there is a vague cloud of confusion as to what the length must be. The length will be exactly enough to cover your buttocks. So the jacket will end right below your seat area or your backside.

5) The jacket collar is yet another important element of the look because it is highly ignored aspect of the jacket. But once you turn sideways or around, it becomes very much highlighted. The collar fitting is based on a combined fitting of your shoulder length and neckline. The fitting will be perfect if the jacket collar rests comfortably over the bottom half of your shirt collar. Thus your shirt collar will be visible (at least half of it).


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