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The 6 Types Of Historical Overcoats For Men To Look Hot When It’s Cold!

6 of the most famous overcoats through history are as follows:

How to look hot when its cold. A wrong jacket or sweater can make you look like an outdated and unfashionable slob. But one can never go wrong with an overcoat, try as he might!

6 of the most famous overcoats through history are as follows:

  1. Greatcoat: Popular with the armies of Europe especially the Soviet Union, the greatcoat has many capes on the shoulder and is quite a prolific overcoat

2. Frock Overcoat: Popular through the Victorian and Edwardian eras, the frock overcoat is worn with a frock coat. In a formal setting it was designed as a double breasted frockcoat with pointed lapels and at informal gatherings it is donned in its single breasted avatar with step lapels.

3. Redingote Coat: This is a riding coat which pays extra attention to the fitting of the coat. It has wide and flat collars and sometimes the redingote overcoats are also called as fitted frock coats.

4. Ulster Overcoat: The Ulster was a working mans overcoat and had a cape covering the sleeves. When the cape sleeves went out of fashion it reinvented itself and minus the cape sleeves came to be known a Polo Coat.

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5. Inverness Coat: This was a formal coat the USP of which was its winged sleeves. This is one of those trends that I don’t quite get, at least not for men.

6. Chesterfield Coat: The long tailored overcoat named after the Earl of Chesterfield can either be singe breasted or double breasted and is made in wide range of fabrics which are heavier. Another notable feature is its waist suppression using waist seam.


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