The Perfect Suit – Loose Pants!

We are here explain the importance of perfectly fitted suit pants but first let’s discuss what an imperfect suit pants is.

Suit is very elegant attire for men that requires good amount of neatness and fit. The perfect fitted suit is determined by two main aspects – the suit pants and the suit jacket. We have a separate blog that will explain the importance of perfectly fitted suit jacket but as of now let us first discuss what an imperfect suit pants is. The reason to discuss this separately is because most men fail to realize what the right fit is and over a long period if the fabric stretches or you lose weight and your perfectly tailored pants get lose, you remember to get it altered to your right size!

The first and most obvious sign is the waistline. Any change in your body will be first reflected in your waistline immediately. If it gets too tight you obviously need a new pair but if it’s lose, more often than not, men will just use a belt to fix this issue. While a belt does provide certain amount of firmness, this is limited because if the waistline is too lose, say more than an inch difference, the belt will ruin the structure of your pants and make your lower body look odd!

The second important sign is around the buttocks. Yes you must turn around and check how well your bottom will fit in the suit pants. If it is too tight, you will feel the fabric stretch around its seams but if it is lose you tend to ignore it because it feels comfortable. Well not only will this make you look untidy but also give you old and saggy buttocks!

The third sign is around the thighs. Around the thighs, your suit should just fall smoothly and in a straight line. If it is too lose, you will be able to identify by just pinching out the fabric. Around the thigh, you need your fabric to be body hugging or leave out space of just 1inch and not more.

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The fourth and final sign is the bottom of your pants. The fit should be such that the bottom fold of the pants is neat and just mildly bulgy because of the straight fit but if it is a loose fit, this area will be fiercely lose and wrinkly!


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