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4 Types of Mens Collars You Must Be Knowing


Mens dress shirt collars are the starting place in a man’s outfit to balance and harmonize his overall look. Not every face will pair well with every collaboration, however. Different men’s faces have different needs in shirt mens collars. Men with round faces like men with narrow or triangular faces have needs which proper clothing such as a custom suit or hat will work to even up a man’s overall look. A collar’s job is to properly frame the face, accentuating a man’s facial strengths while down playing any abnormalities.

A lot can be said about a man from his choice in collars:

The Popular Point Collar:
The point collar is the most common turn-down collar style, found on approximately 90% of men’s dress shirts. Key characteristics are that the collar is cut so that the “points” are reasonably close together, sometimes to the extent that they almost hide the top portion of a tie. The point collar is most at home on a man with round facial features; the collar’s elongating effect help to even out the look of his face. Men with thin faces should avoid these collars.

Spread or Cutaway Collars:
The second popular style is the cutaway, or spread collar. These collars have the points “cut away” or spread – thus the name – revealing more of the upper shirt area and leaving additional room for larger knots. The particular dimensions are best left to the wearer’s preference and body type, with very wide spreads tending to accentuate wider figures while creating a more fully proportioned look on thin gentlemen.  With that being said the spread collar is most at home on a man with thin or long facial features; the collar’s widening effect help to even out the look of the face. Men with round faces should avoid these collars, unless they plan on wearing them without a tie.

Tab Collars:
The Tab mens collars employs a small tab extending from the middle of each point, which is fixed together – usually with a hook-and-loop closure – behind the tie. This forces the tie forward and up, creating the “standing” look of more elaborate knots. This collar should never be worn without a tie, and can be used to hide a abnormally long neck.

Pin Collars:
This collar has small holes in each point, allowing the insertion of a decorative pin or bar behind the tie knot which thrusts the tie knot forward and up while adding extra decoration to the collar itself. Like in the tab collar, this forces the tie forward and up, creating the “standing” look of more elaborate knots. This collar should always be worn with a tie; the empty holes and flapping tabs present an untidy appearance. Only wear this  mens collars if you have the confidence to wield the attention it will draw.

Make sure to choose the collar that suits your face shape. Goodluck! Also,  share the link on whatsapp with just one click.



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