How Men Shouldn’t Dress Up For School/College Farewell

Farewell Style Guide For Men – Do’s & Don’ts, Must Follow Guidelines, Outfit Styling, Etc

Saying good bye is a toughest thing no matter what the situation is but we can’t deny the fact that farewell parties at school or college are fantastic. Farewell party is fun and crazy with friends that get nostalgic after a while. There are number of things you have to consider while dressing up as this will probably be the last time you visit your school or college. Don’t be afraid about how you will look or get panic about the shopping. In our earlier blog we mentioned how to dress up for school farewell/ college farewell which will guide you. Here in this blog I have come up with things you should avoid while dressing up for farewell as it can break your perfect look.

Farewell outfit men

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Don’t style the following for your farewell party at school or college:

1. Casual Outfit:

Farewell is a formal party organised by your school or college it will be inappropriate to wear casuals. During regular days you wear those so it is preferred to maintain the dress code while the party. By this I don’t mean dress up like you have a presentation! Go for something that is formal but perfect for a party look. You may regret wearing casuals like ripped jeans, t-shirt, hoodies or leather jackets to farewell as you will be one of the odds and end up being embarrassed.


casual outfit-farewell donts


formal outfit for farewell

2. Wrong Accessories:

Styling yourself with wrong accessory will be a biggest fashion flaw as accessorizing plays an important role in your overall appearance. You shouldn’t go for casual accessories like bracelets, dog tag or studs with formal outfits. Go for pocket square, tie pin, neck tie or cufflinks to enhance your look. Never go for accessory colours that don’t compliment your outfit. Don’t style a dog tog instead of tie with your blazer or suits it will definitely make your look weird.


casual accessories -farewell donts


formal accessories for farewell

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3. Wrong Footwear:

Right footwear is a must have in your wardrobe. You can’t style any footwear with any outfit. It is very important to make sure you have style yourself with right footwear for the farewell party as it can make or break your look. Don’t go for sneakers, flip flops or sandals as it will not go well with your formal look. Avoid colourful footwear and opt for oxfords, brogues, derbies or monk strap shoes for the perfect look. Here you go farewell ready!


flip flops men -farewell donts


formal shoes for farewell

Here You Go! Ready To Rock The College/ School Farewell! Do Share It With Friends To Help Them Get The Right Styling Tips Too!