How To Dress Up For School Farewell/ College Farewell

farewell dressing suit fb
farewell dressing suit fb

It’s time to say good bye to your peeps and you’re already done with guys and girls weeping around you, aren’t you?  The farewell is near and all you hear is crying from all the corners of the college. But you know you’re lucky when you get a call from your best friend talking something other than sobbing. “What are we supposed to wear?”

How To Dress Up For School / College Farewell

You need to look your best not only to impress that one girl you’ve been stalking since three years but also that teacher on whom you’ve been secretly crushing.

Farewells are always a good idea to be well- dressed.

Pocket square

Suits are incomplete without pocket squares. Make sure you arrange one and carry a small note hid in it. You never know when you need it. Old school tricks are always a good idea. The color of your suit and pocket square must be one hell of a combination. It must be attractive.

Know what you are going to buy – 

Types of Pocket Squares Available in the market

Tux or no tux

Tuxedo is good to wear for the farewell party. But if you want something different, you can wear a plain white shirt half tucked in and sleeves rolled up. Pants are to be dark in color and hair messy. Different is always good.

Because hey, you’re too bored looking like a good boy wearing formals all these years for presentations.

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The main thing of your look is your shoes. Wear a good pair, a real good pair of shoes for the farewell party. They won’t look at your head first; they’ll look at your shoes and then everything else. Wear a good pair that complements the entire look you brought together for your farewell party.  Smoking shoes can be worn and they look very classy with shirts and pants.

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Don’t forget to carry the main thing – A Rose!

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How To Dress Up For School / College Farewell
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