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Long T-Shirts Fad

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Long T-shirts are the new style statement. These T-shirts have just gotten into the fashion world and the entry has been a blast especially with a celebrity like Justin Bieber promoting the long T-shirt style.

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However it needs to be said that the long T shirt style statement is not at all a good look on men. Just because the long T shirt design puts the human body structure out of proportion.

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The upper half of the body looks longer than the lower and thus the legs are completely ignored which makes men look shorter.

The one look that man will not opt for is a shorter look. Apart from that this style statement is also for younger guys and is basically an immature style statement.

Surely celebrity like Justin Bieber can pull this off but this look is not so much for rest of the men. This is a style statement that needs to get out of your wardrobe and be replaced by much cooler and simpler T shirt that can actually make you look smart, mature and extremely irresistible.


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The Long T-Shirts
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The Long T-Shirts
This is a fairly recent trend and still made way to our replacement list? Find out why you need to get rid of this style statement.
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