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Fabulous Laid Back Ponytail Hairstyles for Men To Flaunt This Year

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Fabulous Laid Back Ponytail Hairstyles for Men To Flaunt This Year

The Ponytail has existed since 1980’s and since its origin the hairstyle is getting fame. A ponytail hairstyle is essentially a hairstyle wherein the hair is allowed to grow long as well as separated into two different parts and then they are connected through a knot present on the head, allowing the hair hang in style of a ponytail. The Laid Back ponytail is one such ponytail hairstyle that has been in trend since long and is also among the favourites of men when it comes to this type of hairdo.

Before getting into the details of Laid Back Ponytail, here are some of the other ponytail styles that you can choose from:

laid back ponytail for men

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Laid back means that some strands of hair are left loose while some are tucked behind the ears. It is one of the classiest styles and if it can be styles well, it can be workplace friendly. This hairstyle can be easily achieved and can be styled without much effort. They look extremely sexy with casual outfits. It is one of the best styles to compliment formal attire and can be flaunted on formal occasions and big events.

There’s no age limit as such to get this style and in the recent times men of various age group have been seen flaunting this style. Men who are in their 30’s and 40’s are the people that most like this style and been seen sporting it. Laid back does not need to be very long , rather a medium length hairdo is sufficient enough. In case you wish to have a longer ponytail, allow the long hair to hang downside. It is known that to have short ponytails, simply cut the hair in short length, and tie a knot as well as work to trim the ends unequally to enhance the style.

This ponytail hairstyle is regarded as a cool style which can feature your facial aspects along with the colour of your hair. This type of ponytail is essentially laid back on the head and few strands have been collected at the back the ears for adding extra texture as well as masculine appearance. Besides, if men possess any kind of tattoo, adopting this hairstyle is regarded as a dazzling way to depict new style.

Check out these variations of the Laid Back Ponytail that you can try out:

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Laid Back Ponytail with Beard:

The beard literally every hairstyle looks sexy and so is the case with laid back ponytail. Matured men and adults generally tend to make use of this style. The beard compliments this look to the best and gives no room for regret. The longer the beard, the better. Your hair and beard looks connected making it look like a lion’s mane. Laid back ponytail with a beard is definitely worth the money and the effort and is a good option to try out this year.

Messy Laid Back Ponytail :

Not much of a professional look, but can rock any formal occasion and outfits if done well. Letting the hair be as it is the key to messy laid back ponytail. Just tying the hair into a ponytail, without combing the hair back or to any sides in particular is the secret mantra to have the best looking laid back ponytail with messy hair

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