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The Red Harrington Jacket – Bold & Confident With Casual Look

If you wish to get noticed then this is the colour for you!

The Baracuta G9, as it was originally known, the Harrington Jacket has evolved in to a statement piece because it is timeless and a quintessential piece in your wardrobe. It is available in many fabrics and colors. But today we are going to concentrate on the colors or rather one particular color i.e. Red.

Red is a very bold and strong color. It shows confidence. If you wish to get noticed then this is the color to go for. It is an attractive color and looks good on people of all skin types. If you are one of those people who do not like neutral colors and want to try something different that makes your entire ensemble and personality pop then you should definitely try the Harrington Jacket in bright red

How to style Red Harrington Jackets?

A Red Harrington Jacket is more casual and relaxed and therefore should be worn in a casual and informal setting.

  • The Red Harrington Jacket with a dress shirt, chinos and brogues
  • The Red Harrington Jacket with a light sweater and boots


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