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Harrington Jacket – All You Need To About This Jacket!

A perfect spring jacket is like the women of your dreams, multitalented, multifaceted and versatile. It has to balance wind, rain and even hot and cold temperatures, since spring is a bit of a weather cocktail. A denim jacket or a windcheater could do the trick but my recommendation would be Harrington jackets instead. It is both classy and a classic. It is cool and stylish.

So what are Harrington Jackets? What is its history, what are its features?

These jackets was invented in 1937 by either John and Isaac Miller the founders of Baracuta from Manchester or English company Grenfell. But it didn’t get its name until 1969. The Baracuta G9 as it was called back then was worn by the actor Ryan O’Neal when he essayed the role of Rodney Harrington in the TV series Peyton Place. The name stuck and rest as they say is history.

Here are the major features or characteristics of the Harrington Jackets:

  • A Harrington jacket is light weight and waist length.
  • The material used is generally a blend of polyester or nylon with wool or leather or cotton. This is what makes it water and wind resistant.
  • The cuffs of the sleeves and the bottom hem at the waist are elastic.

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  • The pockets are slant and have flaps with a button to fasten it.

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  • The collar is in mandarin style with double buttons.
  • A Harrington Jacket has Raglan sleeves.
  • The inner lining has a tartan pattern design.


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