7 Grooming Mistakes To Avoid For Getting The Perfect Face

Well, whether it’s your new job interview or your first date, almost everything you do in life requires to sell your face. Your face is the first thing that people will see so make sure it’s more than perfect .Check these grooming mistakes out.

The most common face grooming mistakes made by men:

1) Ignoring Thinning Hair 

Now that puberty has gotcha, young men start facing baldness. Sometimes you can have a bald patch and sometimes nothing at all. You can try having a good haircut to hide that bald patch, but if doesn’t help do talk to a dermatologist. If nothing works, shave it clean. Trust me, bald men do look sexy! Well this problem is not faced by all men. Lucky you! But for the ones who are luckier,  you can also try products for regrowth. Don’t lose your confidence on the loss of hair.

2) Running wild with your hair

Have your hair in control, young man. If you have hair growing awkwardly please do not, i repeat do not use gel and style it. Get a decent haircut . Gelled hair with unshaped spikes is nothing more than UNCOOL.

Why don’t you try this – Get a Hairstyle as per your face shape

3) Unkempt Facial Hair

Growing your beard like it’s the quickest way to looking like that ‘ most wanted ‘ terrorist . Keep your mane tame and shave just upto the jaw line. You certainly do not want to be remembered as Mountain man, do you?

4) Ignoring Nose and Ear Hair

From office to dating, the first thing that people look at is your face. And the most distracting and disgusting thing to look at is overgrown nose and ear hair. We agree that these hairs help keep the dust and dirt out but there’s no use for the crowd to make an outdoor cameo. It doesn’t matter whether you have an event to go out for or you are just lazing at home, kindly use a small grooming scissor and keep the hairs trimmed. That extra hair should be kept at bay.

5) Using worn-out Razors 

Yeah! What’s the big deal ? Dude, there’s a reason they are called “Disposable” razors. These is the main grooming mistakes every man does.Every cartridge has a short lifespan of about two weeks or whatever is printed on the pack. Using the blade past its expiration date can create a map on your face by unevenly ripping hairs out of the follicle and leaving burned bleeding skin, which does not give a good impression At All. A healthy blade should glide smoothly along the face and cut with painless precision.

6) Dry shaving

Going dry ? Why ?! Dry shaving is rough stuff. When dry, the hair do not glide the way you want them to resulting in razor burn, ingrown hairs and a shave that’s just all wrong. Shave during or after a shower when the beard is the softest. If not, use a shaving cream and a clean razor to avoid irritation.

7) Not using a sunscreen

Nope, that’s not for girls only. Male skin is tough but it gets dry and tan very soon. So it’s better to use a sunscreen so your face and neck stay moisturized and safe from sun. You could also apply anti-wrinkles if you find them on your face. Boy,you surely don’t want to give an impression of a slug!

Don’t worry if you were making any of these, make sure you don’t continue doing it. Get a face that will never be forgotten ( in a good way ofcourse!). Goodluck !

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