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3 Aviator Jackets Men Should Know About This Winter!

3 Types Of Aviator Jackets

Aviator jackets were designed for pilot during the first world war as a part of their on flight uniform because in those days the cockpit was roofless. Admittedly not the smartest idea. But it did pave the way for this extremely stylish and practical flight jacket. The Aviator jacket went on to become an iconic jacket in later years, and also the source of inspiration of the uber cool Bomber jacket. This also answers the question many readers have. Are Aviator jackets same as Bomber jackets? The Bomber is inspired from an Aviator jacket. Like version 1.0 and version 2.0.

There are three types of Aviator jackets. The parameter of this classification is the fabric used to create the Aviator jackets. Thus the classification and identification is fairly basic and simple.

  1. Leather Aviator Jacket: A perfect blend of maverick and classy. Black and brown are the popular choices. Statutory warning: A leather Aviator jacket minus the required attitude to pull it off invites idioms like chalk and cheese, apples and oranges and Trump and Clinton.

2. Nylon Aviator Jacket: A nylon Aviator is both affordable and lightweight. Most of the nylon aviator jackets come with an inner lining of either fur or wool. You can get the real deal or go for faux fur.

3. Shearling Aviator Jacket: Shearling is in itself very unique and elite. Crazy expensive but long lasting and worth every damn penny


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