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farewell dressing like never before for men whith suits

The end of high school is like the end of an era. Your farewell is going to be a memorable event in your life, something that will come back to you every once in a while, every few years. It’s a time to celebrate your school/college life, to look back at your firsts, the first day of school, the first friend, the first fight, exams, teachers, picnics, dances and everything you have learned. You are celebrating the end of your school life and the start of a new journey. This is one special event and we want you looking your best for it. That’s why we bring to you some great ideas and tips which will help you be ready to rock your farewell.

Follow these Easy Style Hacks for your Farewell and dress like a Pro

Farewell is no casual event sir. It’s a time to step out in style and to show the world that you are no longer a boy but a Man.

  • Suits for Farewell:

Extremely formal and real classy. Please pick the right fit, if your budget allows it, get it tailored. Getting the fitting right is crucial; it can make or break your entire look. Black is a classic choice. But my suggestion would be to experiment with colours, grey, blue, they are classy as well as fun.

We want you to be the Best looking guy in your farewell, But How? Simply check whether you are not making these mistakes while wearing up the suit.

Because there’s no excuse for sloppy attire – SUITS FOR MEN

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  • Wear a Blazer For Farewell:

A well fitted blazer is another cool option. A little less formal but charming nonetheless. Team it up with a pair of trousers and a dress shirt. You can even add a pocket square to the mix.

  • Wearing a Vest For Farewell:

This will make you Look Dapper. A nice pair of well fitted trousers with a dress shirt and a vest. Please don’t pick a white shirt with a black vest; it will make you look like a waiter. Try colour coding, like a grey vest with a navy blue shirt or a black vest with some stylish pastels.

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Remember though the black and white combination is classic it’s also common, so if you want to stand out, add some colour to your style. You can accessorize with a cool watch, maybe a pair of cufflinks, a cool tie and if you want to up your game wear a bow tie for your farewell. Complete your look with a pair of dress shoes.

It’s your day today. Enjoy and have loads of fun.

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