Pick It, Pair It, Knot It, Rock It! The How To Wear A Tie Guide

Pick It, Pair It, Knot It, Rock It! The How To Wear A Tie Guide

Give a man a tie and he looks good for one day,  teach a man how to wear a tie and he will look dapperstative for a lifetime!

Theunstitchd tells you the perfect ways to wear that perfect tie you finally got for yourself.

When you are sporting a tie,  you can pretty much stroll it anywhere you want.  If you learn to do it correctly-balance the width of the tie against your shirt collar,  tie a knot that fits your face- you’ll have a dressing right all tied up!

Well,  just remember your tie is meant to speak to the rest of your outfit and not stand apart or clash with it. The tip of the ties should hit right at your belt lines.  Narrow ties do look good but be careful, those super skinny ones are just not appreciable.

The knot- it’s should not be too big or too small.  It should be natural and elegant and should work with every collar.

The Dimple is the finishing  that pulls it all together. when you are almost done tying your tie press your thumb against your index finger just beneath the knot,  so the fabric forms a crease.

Avoid looking like a sluggard with a honking power tie, instead just stick with a slim cool guy tie.
The Tie Bar : Don’t wear it too high or too low, the rule is simple: it goes between the third and fourth button of your dress shirt. Never buy a tie bar t is wider than the tie.
Buy a slim black knit tie and wear it with everything you own. Keep calm and wait for the compliment ‘Nice Tie!’.