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Know The Difference – Flight Jackets, Waxed Cotton Jackets & Wool Car Jackets!

Wool car jackets, waxed cotton jacket & flight jacket have closely similar styles. Let us understand all three jacket styles!

Wool car jackets, waxed cotton jacket and flight jacket are the three closely similar jacket styles but with pretty stark differences that are based off of its utility factor. Let us understand all three jacket styles!

The wool car jacket is the lightest of the three because it is woolen. It is very comfortable and allows good movement as well as flexibility and is therefore a car jacket. Basically it is the one that is great when you are driving but its very cold out. This jacket provides warmth of the wool and yet is pretty soft and comfortable. You will get these in dark shades of blue, purple and brown but the maroon and olive shades are also popular color options for this jacket. The car flexibility does not restrict it to driving only. It can easily be carried off for any casual outing but you must keep in mind that it is not very highly insulated or warm so you cannot wear these on really chilly days! However it is still more preferable than the woolen sweater because it comes with cool utility pockets and also has a smarter vibe to it.

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The waxed cotton jacket is yet another extremely useful jacket style with utility pockets and good amount of thickness for warmth. Really thick ones can be warmer than the woolen ones as well and you may often find one with some insulation in the form of fur or wool as inner lining. This jacket is great for all windy days and can even pull you off through chilly nights better than the woolen. You can buy this one is lighter shades of lime and beige because that is all the hot trend this season! It goes well with denims as well as casual trousers.

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The flight jacket is the best of them all. It is one of the smartest jackets ever to exist right after the leather jacket but only by a fraction! This is the jacket that every individual must own especially if you are no stranger to flights. Flights can often get chilly or your destination can. These jackets are considerably heavy so you should carry this around if not worn over. It comes with multiple pockets both on the outside and inside to keep all your important belonging like tickets, id proof, passport etc. safe and sound. It is warm and also very comfortable. You can easily huddle this up into a pillow as well. Black is the predominant victor in this jacket style but brown and olive are not too far behind.

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