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5 Interesting Ways To Style Gilet Jacket To Impress A Girl

A Gilet jacket is a great way to try something new instead of going down the usual sweater route in the winters.

A gilet is a sleeveless jacket which provides good insulation and great functionality. It can be light weight or heavy weight. The design is straight out and ensures you look suave in the slim fit jacket.

A Gilet jacket is also a great way to try something new instead of going down the usual sweater route in the winters.

Most of you will think that what’s so great about a sleeveless  winter jacket? But any one who like me has tried on a full sleeve tee or shirt with a full sleeve jacket will see the genius in the gilet’s design. Instead of being a drawback, the missing sleeves fetch the gilet some brownie points as far as layering is concerned.

This feature of the gilet opens up a lot of avenues for styling a gilet and incorporating with your every day wear to create fresh looks. Here are some of our top looks for this season.

Look 1

Pair up dark denims with a full sleeve t-shirt with a crew neck or V-neck. You can even try a shirt with collars and a V-neck, but keep the collars up. Add an additional layer of the gilet jacket an wear boots. You can even don a woollen scarf and a pair of gloves. A beanie too would look cool. Remember if your gilet is in a neutral hue than add a dash of color with the tee or scarf or gloves and vice versa if you pick a bold color.

Look 2

This is a little upscale and less casual version of look 1. Substitute the tee for a nice crisp button down or even a plaid shirt. You can even add a tie to the look. A beanie may not look good on everyone with this look. So ascertain for yourself whether you can pull it off confidently if you plan to try. A good thing would be to take a dry run before going public.

Look 3

Try wearing a tee shirt with a flannel shirt over it with a gilet over your flannel shirt. Keep your shirt untucked. You can even add an undershirt below your flannel and leave it unbuttoned. This is a very rusty and country look.

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Look 4

Ditch the waist coat and get with the gilet. Incorporate a gilet under a blazer or a suit jacket. You can even try this combo with a cool bomber jacket. Leaved the gilet unbuttoned or unzipped if you feel like it.

Look 5

Look five is a revamp of look 4. Take the same pieces but change the order of layering. Instead of wearing the gilet as a waistcoat, sport it as an over coat and don it over your blazer or suit. You can even pick a gilet with some fly patterns and prints.


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