Cleaning Your Wardrobe Made Hassle-Free Now

8 Steps To Clean Your Wardrobe Stress Free!

Agreed, I am only a fashion blogger. But you have no idea about my neat organizational skills. Get the pun guys? Neat na?

I am one of those people who find cleaning to be therapeutic. It calms me down and I derive pleasure and satisfaction from the fact that everything is in its right place. The right place being the one I have decided is the right place obviously. So don’t worry, considering that this is something I do for catharsis, I can help make this boring task a little more fun and easy.

It is not like organized people are just lazy to look for stuff. It sure is fun to play Indiana Jones sometimes and go looking for missing artifacts. But for everyday life we need some organization, especially when it comes to the wardrobe that holds all our fashion essentials and style quotient.

Why do we need to do this? We do it so as to get rid of stuff that we no longer use, no longer like or stuff that no longer fits. We do it to make room for the new stuff that we are actually going to use. We do it so that we do not have to waste eons of time excavating like an archaeologist.

So let’s begin:

Here is A clean and clutter free wardrobe in just 8 steps.

  • First things first, make a plan. Clear your weekend. You will need at least a day to clean your wardrobe. So a day off with no other commitments is what you need.
  • Next. Get your groove on. Put on some music or plug in your ipod. Get some drinks and snacks, for when you want to take a break. Pick some peppy beats to keep your spirits up.
  • Before you begin ensure that you have disposal bags and boxes to collect all that you wish to discard.

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  • Now we begin. Put on your music, open your cupboard and empty it. Completely. Remove every single accessory, apparel and doodads from it and pile it on the ground. You need to make a clean and fresh start. So we begin at zero.
  • Now that the clothes are piled on the floor, start the sorting ceremony. Forget about what you want to keep or what you want to chuck. That is for a later stage. Just sort the stuff for now. Forget being neat and tidy right now, just make sure all the shirts, tees, trousers, jackets, vests, socks and so on are with their peers.
  • Now for the tough part. The decision making process. Fret not boys, ask yourself these simple questions. The first set of questions is basic for any relationship. Do you still love it? Is it damaged? Does it still fit? Then there are those like: Would you wear it again? Have you worn this item in the last year or say last six months? To Thine own self be true and you will be done in a jiffy.

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  • Now go through the stuff you have decided to discard and sort these in to three piles. Pile 1 is the absolute rubbish. Pile two is something that is still good but does not fit you or something that you no longer like. Basically something someone else might still find useful. These you can donate. Pile 3 is stuff that is minimally used by you and still has resale value. These you can sell and make some extra bucks.
  • The last and final step is arranging what you have decided to keep in your wardrobe. Fold everything neatly. Get new hangers if needed.

There you go. A clean and clutter free wardrobe in just eight steps.

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