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Men’s Checklist before going on a Date

Men’s Dating Guide-10 Tips For Men Before Going On A Date

Be it your daily normal date or your very first special exciting date, your attire should not vary at all. You should be “her perfect guy” on the first day as well as on the two year anniversary ( hope you remember that tho!). Here’s your checklist to make sure you are perfect in your personal grooming:

1) Make sure you have the best breathe : There are no compromises in this. It’s the breath that is going to bring her ‘close up’ to you. Make sure you haven’t eaten any smelly foods before going out that make her want you to shut your mouth.

2) Floss, brush, brush again and shave : Have a good shave , not a school boy shave , but a gentleman one . If you can’t think of anything, just go clean .

3) Flaunt the best watch : Not flaunt flaunt , but wear the best watch in your wardrobe and make sure she catches a glimpse of it , but yeah don’t go around throwing time in her face .

4) Shower just before the date : girls love the wet look more than anything , and wear the best body splash or deo or perfume. (My personal favourite is Issey Miyake.) The pheromones will definitely do a good job . Don’t be over covered with it tho!

5) Clean nails : both hand and toe nails , you never know when you’d have to get those boots off .

6) Creaseless shirt please : this is a must . Wear a well ironed shirt whatsoever .

7) Try a new Tie : if you are wearing a tux , try different materials of Ties ( wooden, jute etc) but subtle colours. If not , just go simple .

8) No smelly feet : if you have a problem of sweat on feet , wear socks , spray deo , clean your feet with banana and milk a day prior. You don’t want her wondering what is stinking below the table , do you ?

9) Pay the bill : Do not show a slightest hesitation and how much ever she insists , DO NOT , I repeat , do not let her pay .

10) Confidence is what you have , confidence will protect you : wear that smile that will make her weak in her knees , know your touches right , do not get too touchy and kinky. Done up like that , you are all set to fly !

Goodluck and happy date !


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