All Short Men, Now You Can Even Stand Tall

5 Styling Tips For Short Men To Look Tall – Short Men’s Guide

I do realise how insecure guys can be about their height for the simple reason that men are EXPECTED to be tall. Sometimes your genes just don’t support you and this is where your fashion does! Follow the following tips and be sure to change people’s perspective about you!

  • It is important for short guys to understand that t-shirts are not for you. They will only make you look like a small boy at all times. Switch over to shirts. SHIRTS THAT FIT RIGHT! This gives a much more mature look. Also, shirts make you look tall. I would ask you to wear tucked in formals shirts or informal shirts that are not meant to be tucked in or not long. This ensures that your body is split into 3 equal parts i.e. your head to waist where shirt ends, your waist to knees and knees to your feet. This symmetry makes you look tall. However if you already have way too many t-shirts you can always wear them by adding a nice plain shirt over the t-shirt.

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  • Another important fashion tip is to wear denims that fit right. You cannot go for the slim fit or baggy denims. Wear regular fit dark colour denims. This adds more definition to your body structure and makes you stand tall.

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  • Avoid lose clothes at all costs! You cannot wear lose shirts, t-shirts, jackets, denims, chinos etc. Just anything that is not your size, throw it out!
  • Wear boots! They come with basic heel and give you the extra height without much efforts!

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  • The most important style tip is to stay confident. This means stand straight and feel satisfied. All Short men, your constant insecurity regarding your height will attract people all the more to your insecurities. If you look confident, it will give out a positive energy. Stay fit! You cannot afford to gain weight. That makes you look short and stout! Just work out guys!

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Fashion helps you out with every insecurity but it is more important to be happy with your body and stay healthy to make the best of it! Let me know in the comments below if you want more such body specific style tips and share with all your friends who wish to look tall!


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