9 Bohemian Style Tips for Men

9 Bohemian Mens Style Tips

The bohemian look is inspired from freedom, that of thought and of expression. It is not your conventional and prim and proper way of dressing. It is about adding vibrant colours and exotic patterns to your look, dressing according to your mood and shedding your inhibitions about experimenting with your style. You can take inspiration from the 60’s beatniks or the 70’s which was the era of the hippies or from the New Romantics of the 80’s or the grunge scene in the 90’s. Get the 9 Bohemian Style Tips for Men now.

Here are some key ways to add a bohemian touch to your wardrobe that are not too outlandish or overly experimental.

1. Denims: Pick up denims which are in lighter shades. Try light wash jeans in lighter shades of blue like sky blue. The faded or distressed jeans, with a few of rips here and there is perfect for the bohemian look. You can even rip an old pair of yours at home.It will make you look relaxed and give you a nonchalant attitude.

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2. Add some art to your style: How do you do that? It’s simple. T-shirts, shirts or scarves and stoles with hand painted images, abstract designs, inscriptions, messages, graffiti’s, iconography or exotic tribal patterns areall a part of the bohemian style.

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3. Floral prints: Ditch your stripes and boring work wear and add some flower power to your wardrobe. Team up floral print shirts with your chinos, denims or khaki’s. Keep it mellow and relaxed. They are a great way to dress down and chill.

4. Jacket: Pick a jacket in shades of tan and brown, Suede is a better option than leather. Pick a jacket that fits you well. Fitting is really important while picking a jacket. Co-ordinate it with any outfit, it works well with almost anything.

5. Sandals:The bohemian look is incomplete without sandals especially in leather. Team them up with your denims, chinos, khakis or cargos. These are extremely stylish and very comfortable especially in a warm weather.

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6. Accessories: Accessorizing right is what will add that extra zing to your look. The bohemian look has a lot of scope for jewellery and fashion accessories like beaded bracelets, leather bracelets, beaded neckpieces, handmade jewellery, leather bands, tribal jewellery, rings, chunky and colourful pieces, pendants, leather or gold chain, neck kerchief, headband, stud earrings, hat, funky belts especially fabric ones, beanie, colourful sunglasses, printed scarves and also a canvas or leather slouchy bag pack or messenger or sling bag. Pick the beaded jewellery in vibrant hues or soothing colours according to your mood. From delicate and simple pieces to chunky and statement pieces, everything works for the bohemian look.

7. Style like you just don’t care: The bohemian look gives you the freedom to just be. Crumpled or unironed clothes that are slightly wrinkled work with this look, it’s every bachelors dream come true. The out of bed hair, unshaven look works too. Uncoordinated pieces, or loosely coordinated pieces, untucked or partially tucked shirts, loosely draped scarves, funky socks, mismatched socks or even going sockless works. Basically the raw and dishevelled look is in.

8. The vintage stores, thrift shops and flea markets are a great place to look for trendy and cheap pieces for the bohemian look. They cost less and have an old world charm as they are slightly dishevelled and worn out. It will save you a lot of bucks especially if you have the eye to spot hidden treasures.

9. The important thing to remember is that the bohemian look is all about creativity and freedom. So dress like you want. Don’t end up spending hours getting the out of bed hair or stressing over looking relaxed! It’s is laid back and cool look meant to be enjoyed.


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