10 Essential Style Tips for Men to Up Their Game

10 Essential Style Tips for Men to Up Their Game

10 Essential Style Tips for Men to Up Their Game

Today we will be covering 10 Best Style Tips for Men to Up Their Game. Since the title and its tag line is quite clear and direct I say lets just dive right in. But before we begin, I would like to add something. These tips will add value to your overall appearance, to enhance what you already have got going. So lay a solid foundation my friends.

10 Style Tips for Men to Up Their Game

1. Own at least one V neck t-shirt in your collection.

They are cool and casual. Please get the fitting right, not too tight and too lose to make it look like something borrowed or stolen. It is extremely comfortable and when picked right, super versatile. But please don’t pick a tee with a deep plunge. It looks absolutely crass. For more tips on the how to carry a tee and other style do’s and don’ts, check out V neck T Shirts

2. Invest in a good quality sweater.

A sweater is versatile and functional. It not only shields you from the cold but makes you look hot. They can be worn as is or incorporated with a number of ensembles to create different and voguish looks. They work well with casuals, formals, events and special occasions.

For more tips on looking sleek in a sweater check out – 4 Amazing Types of Sweaters You should be knowing

3. Rolled up shirt sleeves look smart and sexy.

It has undertones of formal wear with panache provided you roll them right. Don’t roll it up in a haphazard manner, like a joint. There is a difference between care a damn and careless.

4. Neutral colors and patterns are classic and safe.

But there is no rush like doing something new. Take a little risk. Experiment with colors and patterns, be it in your socks, ties, pocket squares, bow ties and so on. Try out some unusual cufflinks or lapel pins. Everything fun comes with a little risk.

5. Coordinate your colors and patterns

Yes experimenting is fun but don’t do it all at once. Save something for the next time. If you have something in your ensemble that is risqué or stands out, don’t have something else completely opposite. If you want to add more color or pattern or even texture, choose the second piece keeping in mind the first one. Coordinate well to look sleek and stylish. Overdoing something will kill your entire look.

10 Essential Style Tips for Men to Up Their Game