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Crew Neck Sweater-3 Stunning Ways to Wear a Crew Neck Sweater

Read on to know about the three different ways men can style their crew neck sweater and look cool this winter.

Winter is undoubtedly the best time of the year. There’s the joy of the holidays, of Christmas, of New Year, of the cold and of enjoying an ice cream in this cold. I am a fan of the winters and really love to dress in winter wear. I love my sweaters and jackets and mufflers and really look forward to the winters to flaunt my style.

Now most of us have just one type of sweater. Therefore knowing how to style the same sweater in different ways to leave an unforgettable impression each time is really vital. So friends today I am here to share 3 different ways in which you can wear a crew neck sweater so that you can make the most of it and not get bored by wearing the same sweater in the same old fashion.

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Now Learn 3 Different Ways to Style your Crew Neck Sweater

1. The first style is wearing a crew neck sweater as is. It looks great even on its own. Team it up with a pair of denims or chinos. Make sure the crew neck sweater fits you well and is neither too tight nor too bulky. You can accessorise with a belt and even add a muffler. The important thing to remember is to colour code your outfit well. Make sure that the colour of the sweater co-ordinates with your denims or chinos. if you are the kind of person that usually screws up in this area then don’t experiment with colours and patterns pick neutral colours like black, navy blue or burgundy which are easier to pair up thus eliminating the chances of making a blunder.

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2. The second style is wearing a shirt underneath your sweater. You can pick a button down or a dress shirt. Team it up with a darker shade of denims or chinos. The safest choice would be to go for a white shirt. It’s a classic look which makes a person look really polished. If you want to go for another colour of shirt then please ensure that it goes well with your sweater and also looks good with your bottom wear. Keep the collars of the shirt tucked in. This is one of the important pointers to remember when wearing a shirt underneath your crew neck sweater. Most people keep the collar out and it really kills the look. You can also add a tie to this look. If you want it to be a little more formal or mature.

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3. The third look is a bit similar to the second You wear a shirt underneath your crew neck sweater but leave it untucked. Team it up with a pair of trousers. And also add a tie. A tie looks really great with this look and takes it to a whole new level. Again your safest bet is to go with a white or a black shirt but I would advise you to try out different colours. If you are utterly hopeless at colour coding then you can begin with pastel shades. They are a lot less risky.

Since the weather is cooler I would suggest you to go for boots while picking your foot wear to go with any of these styles.

Also while printed crew neck sweaters are a lot of fun, they are very difficult to coordinate in your daily wear and nearly impossible to wear in a formal setting. But a solid crew neck sweater is much more versatile and can be easily teamed up with other pieces of clothing to create different styles.

Hope you have fun trying out these different looks with Crew Neck Sweater!


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