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V Neck Sweater-8 Extraordinary Ways to Wear a V Neck Sweater

8 Extraordinary Ways to Wear a V Neck Sweater

A V neck is one of the most popular style of sweater for men because not only it is stylish, comfortable and cozy but also extremely versatile. I have never seen another piece of sweater as flexible as a V Neck sweater. It can be worn on a casual day, at work, at a high end event and even for a date night.

If you are looking to buy one V neck and use that for different styles then I would suggest you pick a solid V neck sweater in darker shades of blue or black and go for a more traditional pattern, it makes it easier to blend in with different looks. Matching prints and patterns and getting the colour coding right can get a little tricky especially if you are an amateur.

Here are 8 Different Ways to Wear a V Neck Sweater

1. Team up a formal dress shirt with a V neck sweater. Keep the collar inside. That’s the right way to carry this look. This look works for a formal setting. You can even add a tie to the ensemble. You can even do without. It depends on your mood and the occasion. The important thing to remember is to colour coordinate the dress shirt with your V neck sweater and also the tie. If you are one of those who can’t colour coordinate ties then pick a solid tie. Plain ties are easier to coordinate as compared to patterns.

2. If you are a chinos kind of guy then team up some coloured chinos with a button down shirt and a V neck sweater. You can even wear a peacoat to add a little edge. And finally finish off with wingtip boots.

3. Pair up a V neck with a Henley and layer it with a leather jacket. Team it up with some slim fit corduroys and step out in style in a pair of wingtip or work boots.

4. For a business casual look, team up a V neck sweater with a white button down shirt and a blazer. For the bottom wear pick dark denims and complete the look with suede dress shoes and socks. If you want to funk up your look a bit pick some fun and funky socks with some nice hues and patterns.

5. You can even pair a White button down shirt with your V neck sweater. Team it up with a darker shade of denims and complete the look with some really cool and super stylish boots.

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6. For a casual evening or a date night pick a white t shirt as an undershirt for your V neck sweater and team it up with a pair of denims or khakis.

8. For a semi formal look you can team up a dress shirt or a button down with a v neck sweater and a sports jacket. This look is less formal compared to a suit but equally classy.

8. A V neck can even be teamed up with a suit. I know! Like I said, VERSATILE! It will even add an extra zing to your outfit; make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can use your V neck instead of a vest. If you can colour coordinate well, you can even add some nice colours and pick the pieces accordingly. You can even ditch the classic black suit for a flannel suit. Pocket squares are also a great way to add some colour to your look.

So have fun experimenting with your V neck sweater.

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