6 Ways to Style Your Turtleneck Sweater

6 Ways to Style Your Turtleneck Sweater

Turtleneck sweaters are a bit more formal. Personally I think they look very classy and ooze nonchalance and charm. To those of you who are still unfamiliar with it, let’s get better acquainted. A Turtleneck has a neckline which covers your neck. It is perfect for a colder climate as it keeps you really warm. For people who live in places where the winters are not very cold, don’t lose out and get your hands on a light weight turtle neck so that you don’t miss out on this style of sweater.

Before we begin, please pick a sweater that fits you well. Don’t pick something too tight or too bulky. The sweater should fit you snugly.

1. The first style is really simple to pull off. Pair a pair of denims with your Turtleneck sweater and wear it as is. Accessorise with a belt. You can even add a stole or a muffler to the mix.

2. The second style takes the first look a step further. Team up a Turtleneck and a pair of denims with a cool leather jacket.

3. The third look is a Turtleneck and a pair of trousers teamed with a formal jacket. This is a really nice option for a formal evening.

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