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7 Steps Guide To Find The Right Fit Shirt

Men’s Styling Guide – 7 Steps For Men To Find The Right Fit Shirts

A shirt is defined by its fit. Any kind of fitting issues with the shirt will entirely spoil the whole look and make you look unprofessional as well as undisciplined.

Here are 7 points to be kept in mind while deciding what fit shirt is right for you:

1) The shirt buttons should not feel stretched at all. The gap between two buttons should not be visible even a slightest bit. This means that the shirt is at least not a size too small for you. There is nothing more unattractive than a man bursting out of his shirt buttons!

2) The shoulder patch should cover the shoulder entirely. You will notice a shoulder line on the shoulder patch of your shirt. That line should coincide exactly with your shoulders. This is harder to achieve for men who are too muscular or men who are too slim. In that case you need to fix it with the help of a tailor. The point is that your shoulders should not look droopy.

3) The part of shirt below the armpit is a very important area. That is majorly ignored by men or they just don’t mind how badly fitted it looks because in most cases men have shirts that are extremely lose in this area. You need to get a shirt that cover your from end to end of your chest or get it altered in.

4) In case of a dress shirt, it should be very long because it has to be tucked in. Short shirts are for casual wear and every man must remember this always. Short length shirts are not meant to be tucked in and dress shirts are not meant to be un-tucked.

5) When you tuck the shirt in, many men develop a muffin belly. This means that the shirt starts falling out around your ‘love handles’ or sides and makes you look like a muffin. It should be neatly tucked in, leaving a tiny margin that should be regularly arranged to ensure your shirt isn’t falling out.

6) The sleeve length of your shirt should be exactly upto your wrists. There is absolutely no scope for error in this case unless you don’t mind looking like a 5 year old boy in his dad’s shirt! Again, the best option is to tailor the excess part in. This is also important for when you roll your sleeve. Too long will make it harder to roll.

7) The back of your shirt should match your back. This means that the shirt should not be too lose or too tight as the back is clearly visible. There is not even a tie for distraction. Also it is easy to crease as you cannot even see your back all the time. So it is of utmost importance that the fitting of the shirt from the back is perfect. The collar should be neat and the shirt should not look like it is being pulled by the tie around the neck or by the pants around the waistline.


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