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Shirts or T-shirts! Whats your Choice?

It is time for the ultimate showdown and the battle between Shirts or T-shirts! What is a better look and what is more comfortable? What gives you a better body structure and what brings in more sex appeal? Finally what charms the women and what impresses your bosses?

Let us find out what is actually better? Shirts or T-shirts!

1) Comfort

T-shirts are more comfortable than shirts simply because you don’t have to be at your wits end all day just to ensure that there are no creases. Also, t-shirts can be bought in a more comfortable fit whereas a shit has to be a perfect fit!

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2) Styling

T-shirts give you a basic look. Any styles involving t-shirts is a casual style. While in case of a shirt, styling is much more fun and trendy. You can experiment with different looks and it suits well for work as well as parties or even dates!

3) The look

Shirts look clean, mature and professional. Also, men can really look sexy in shirts whereas in case of t-shirts it is a very casual look. Collared t-shirts do give an edge but even in that case, that is as far as the look goes. In case of shirts you have a wider variety of looks to try and the appearance is definitely more elegant and charming as compared to a t-shirt look!

4) Attraction

Women are attracted to men in shirts, especially if the sleeves are rolled. This is just something common with all women. But don’t get me wrong, women also love men in collared t-shirts and sometimes casual t-shirts if the occasion is casual. It has a boyish charm that women are often attracted to. It makes you look young. But on the other hand, women prefer a more mature look for men and in that case a shirt is always a safe-play.

All in all, you must own some real good shirts and maybe limited number of t-shirts. The occasion and look you opt for will decide which is a better option, but a shirt is always a safe bet. it tends to work out in all scenarios!


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