7 Must Haves In Every Man’s Closet

7 Must Haves in Every Man's Closet

Any guy, no matter what age group he belongs to, whether he is a child, a teenager, in his early 20’s, 30’s or late 40’s and 50’s, no matter what profession he belongs to, whether he is a student, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a dancer or a painter, these are the 7 essential apparels that should be present in his wardrobe throughout his life.

7 Must Haves In Every Man’s Closet

1. Jeans:

A well fitted, good pair of denim jeans can be coordinated with almost anything, dinner party, movie, date, clubbing and so on. If you are on a budget, I would recommend at least one pair in basic black and blue. Once you have that sorted you can experiment with washed denims, distressed or ripped. They are versatile, stylish and long lasting.

2. Basic White and Basic Black shirt:

These can be worn as is or can be used while layering any outfit. It can be used as an undershirt to be worn with sweaters and jackets.

3. Polo shirt:

These are a classic item and make you look prim and proper in a casual setting.

4. Oxford dress shirt:

A white oxford dress shirt is an absolute must have item without which no wardrobe can be complete. It can be worn semi-formally, teamed with a pair of jeans or formally with dress pants. Depending on the scale of the event you can add a sport jacket, a blazer or a suit to complete your ensemble and take it up a notch. Be it dinner with the office people, drinks with the boss, date night with the wife or the girlfriend, you can wear this everywhere.

5. Suit:

Your wardrobe is incomplete without a nice suit. If you are not normally a suit guy then just one would suffice. Something that can be worn to weddings, funerals or for a job interview.

6. Swimwear:

A pair of swimming trunks or bathing shorts for the beach or the pool, for the summers or weekend resort getaways and trips.

7. Trench coat:

For the rainy and winter seasons. You can even substitute a trench coat with a winter windcheater or jacket and a raincoat.

7 Must Haves in Every Man's Wardrobe
Must Haves in Every Guy's Closet
7 Must Haves for Every Man
Must Haves in Every Man's Closet


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