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All About The Messenger Bags – Utility + Style!

All About The Messenger Bags – Utility + Style!

These bags are so in trend this season and it is the most wonderful gift of fashion to men! Reason being that messenger bags are utmost utility and convenience. You will not find more pockets in any other kind of bags! They are a great improvement over your two shoulder regular backpack and the stylish slings coming in these days are sure to reel you in this fashion trend!

Let us start with what these bags exactly are.Also referred to as the sling or messenger bags, these are single sided bags in rectangular shape that hang around in a cross sling around your shoulder allowing the bag to relax around your hips. For men, these slings should be worn in cross as that is the cool look as well as most comfortable one. Also, keep the belt long enough for the main body of the bag to reach around your hips but not lower. Also it should not be above your waistline.

These bags are great for casual look. Basically slings are great for college going guys. If you get it in a single dark leather fabric, you may carry it to work as a laptop bag. You get a wide variety of options to choose from but make sure all your creativity is for your college bag and not work bag!

Try getting a customized one for adding more spunk to it. Guys often attach pins and badges to the bags. Don’t overdo it or you will end up looking really immature. This is anyway slightly younger fashion trend.

Make sure you buy a sling with several sections and pockets that can also fit in your laptop if you own one. Also, it is important to keep switching shoulders to avoid pressure on just one shoulder as that is truly a major drawback for the messenger bag. The entire pressure is always on one shoulder and not distributed between two. So needless to say, this bag is not so good with heavy books and laptops.

These bags are a must have for trips. Just fold it and stuff it in your suitcase so that you can leave your bags at the room and just roam around with your essentials in this sling. The best aspects are that it doesn’t fall off your shoulders and men with narrow shoulders know the struggle of two shoulder bags! Also, you have all your stuff right in front of you rather than on your back. So you can keep a check on all your belongings like a pro. Also this bag looks really cool.