5 Things Short Men Should Never Avoid While Styling

Short Men Style Tips- Do’s & Don’ts, Must Follow Guidelines, Outfit Styling, Etc

5 Things Short Men Should Never Avoid While Styling

What should short men do to look tall? Grow? Lol, No! Here I have some guidelines which will help you look taller without trying something new. Yes you heard me right there is absolutely no need to change your wardrobe to look tall when you can look taller with your existing wardrobe. Being short is not something you should be ashamed of or be insecure about your ability to look good. Looking good not only depends on your outfit and styling ability but also being comfortable in your own skin. Few tricks and good fashion tips can save your look and also change people’s perspective regarding you. Short men must have read many blogs which would suggest them many thing regarding the issue of short height and how to style particular outfits to look tall. In this blog you will find things short Men should never stop styling.

Here Is A Short Men Guide To Styling Which You Should Follow By All Means:

1. Tailored Outfit:

I know finding a perfect fit from the shopping outlets is really very difficult for short men. You would always end up getting yourself a customized fit. Are you embarrassed about the fact that you never get a right outfit? If yes, you shouldn’t what’s the harm in it, in fact you should be happy! Tailored outfit and properly fitted shirt and trouser can make you look taller. Get yourself a tailored outfit and take a step ahead to look taller and sophisticated.

Short Men’s Style Guide –

7 Things Short Men Need To Avoid

2. Denim:

Denim is a lifesaver for every occasion. You can’t even imagine your life without a pair of denim in your closet. Men anyways have less outfit options and if you eliminate one from it for the sake of height you will be left with few outfit options that you can count on your fingertips. I would suggest don’t wear cuff denim or pants as they make you look short but a good pair of denim with perfect fit will create an illusion of tall height.

3. Outfit Layering:

Try layering your outfit. Trust me it won’t make you look short in fact it’s the fashion trend loved by men across globe. Layering yourself with jackets, coats or blazer is the best fashion for short men. Try to go for long coats as it will create height. All you have to make sure is that it doesn’t contrast much with your outfit as it may create an obvious short height illusion. Jackets should be short generally up to your waist or butt. This will leave your legs more exposed which will make you look tall.

4. Shoes:

Do you opt for heeled footwear? If yes, it’s high time you should stop investing in shoes with heels as it shows your desperation to look tall. Try to go for formal shoes like oxfords or derbies as they have pointed toes which make your toe look long which subsequently makes your legs look long. For casual look you can go for any footwear like sneakers, loafers or espadrilles. There is no need to change your shoes to get taller look be comfortable and flaunt your regular ones.

5. Accessories:

You should never stop accessorizing yourself just for the sake of not excelling the look but let me tell you accessories in fact help you look tall. You can go for belts, hats, scarfs or socks everything that you love to style. You should be careful with socks colours as it should complement your trouser, hat and scarfs will help you to draw attention with no extra efforts. Belts is a must have for formal look but make sure it is slim and suspenders will also be a good accessory option to get perfect look.

Short Men’s Style Guide –

7 Things Short Men Need To Avoid

Here You Go! Ready To look Taller With This complete Short Men Guide!

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