5 Chino Colours Men Should Never Have In Your Closet

Men’s Chino Colours To Avoid – Orange, Green, Yellow, Etc

Building a wardrobe with all the core essentials is very difficult and nearly impossible as it will never seem complete to you just like women! There are few outfits that are lifesavers for many working man. Chinos are a staple in every man’s wardrobe as it is one of the most versatile pants. But there are some chino colours that only go well during special occasions like summer vacations, chilling around with friends or a casual day out with girlfriend or family. Not all chino colours are good for business meetings, formal parties or semi-formal occasions. Here are 5 chino colours you should avoid as it doesn’t look appropriate during every occasion.

chino colours to avoid

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Here Is A List Of Chino Colours Men Should Not Have In Your Closet

1. Orange Chino:

Orange is a vibrant colour and says a lot about your personality. Styling it with your formals for office will be a bad idea. Although it looks amazing with printed t-shirts it cannot be styled during regular days. If you want to go for orange chino you would need to plan a vacation! If you are worried about which colour you should invest in, then my suggestion here would be blue or navy blue as it is one of the best pant colour after black.


orange chino colour to avoid


blue chino colour to style

2. Green Chino:

Green is a casual colour and also one of the popular colours across countries. Styling it with your blazer or dress shirt will definitely ruin your semi-formal look. You should only go for green chinos if you want to bring some twist to your regular look but make sure you are ready to face some weird comments on your fashion sense. Regular green chino is a big no but you can try out olive green as it looks amazing when styled with any shirt or t-shirt. Trust me and you will never regret about it.


green chino colour to avoid


olive green chino colour to style

3. Red Chino:

Red is a bright colour ideal for a bold look. It is a good chino option for undergraduates but believe me not for grownups. No doubt you would find many wearing a red chino with printed t-shirt during summers or on beach but that don’t mean it’s a trend and you should try it. Red is not a formal colour and you should thus never style it for a formal or semi-formal occasion unless you want people to gossip about you. In fact you can try grey chino it will light up your look in minutes.


red chino colour to avoid


grey chino colour to style

4. Yellow Chino:

Yellow is a fresh colour and enlightens your boring look but at what cost? Yellow shorts with black or white t-shirt looks stunning during trekking or campaigning with friends but doesn’t look good for dates or dinner parties. If you have one you can try them out during any morning occasion if suitable but never style them for cocktail party, wedding or reception party. You are free to go for yellow chino if you can survive the embarrassment from people. Tan chino would be the best option you should try out as it is idle for any casual or formal look.


yellow chino colour to avoid


tan chino colour to style

5. Purple Chino:

Purple is a powerful colour but mostly popular amongst women. Men don’t prefer to opt for colours like pink or purple due to the general stereotype which believe that these colours are for girls. While I say you shouldn’t go for purple chino has nothing to do with this stereotype but the final style that looks a bit clownish and doesn’t leave behind good impression. White chino in the place of purple will work the best. Try them out and you are ready to go!


purple chino colour to avoid


white chino colour to style

Hope You Got Aware About The Chino Colours To Avoid While Styling. Share It With Friends To Make Them Aware Too!

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