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5 Must Have Formal Shirts For This Summer!

1) Lime

Lime is a cool yet strictly formal shirt shade. It can be whatever you want it to be on the basis of how you pair it up. A smart and well fitted lime colored dress shirt will do you wonders at work. This color is bright and not only keeps the mood light but also brings you in the spot light. This shade will make you stand out and make others take notice of you.

Must Have Summer Shirts For Men - Lime Colour

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Pair this with a grey suit for the best look. If you do not wear suits to work, alternatively just the grey trousers works really well. If your office has a casual Friday or permits a bit edgier attire, try suspenders over. It works like magic with this shade! Cotton is the best fabric for the heat and also at work. Obviously you need to pair this off with a good pair of oxfords or brogues but in a shade of brown. If grey is not your favorite, try dark brown trousers with a formal shirt but this look may not pass off as a very formal look.

2) Mint

Mint is so hot this season! It literally beats the sun! It is a beautiful, subtle, professional, cool and attractive color. Men with confidence can carry off this shade and is thus not even the most common shade. A light mint shade is just perfect for your work place and the most perfect companion of your black suit or trousers. It goes well with blue and even brown or grey. This is an extremely versatile color. It gives you a different look with each combination!

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Your formal shoes can be brown for grey or brown combination and black for the rest. There is not much hassle and you can head off straight to an after party or a casual office meeting by just adding an extra bow in a shade of blue or patterned suspenders!

3) White

The classic white shirt needs no introduction. It beats the heat is the most classy way possible to human kind. You can pair it off with any shade and carry it off at work, casual Fridays or even after parties! You just need to make sure it is not a shiny white. It must be subtle and extremely clean.

4) Salmon

Salmon is the new trend this season. It has taken over all trends! Salmon shirt will go great with grey as well as black. But grey and salmon is the combination that will take away the cake! Suspenders will do you good for this look as well. You should opt for brown shoes for this look with grey pants.

Salmon comes off as a risky shade but it goes well with all skin tones and is good for the summer heat as well. You can opt for a light shade of salmon for an all formal shirt look and if you want to funk it up, go for a bit darker shade.

5) Self-Pattern

Self-pattern is really elegant. The intricacies of the pattern actually bring out a really good look in formal shirts. Even your simple single color shirts can be made really elegant with the help of self-pattern. It gives an edge to your basic shirt and is in fact still a very formal look!

If you don’t go for suits and blazers, this shirt is pretty much enough to give you the classy look that you desire! It is too hot for suits and blazers anyway!

These formal looks help you beat the heat without compromising on your professional environment!



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