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5 Really Cool Ways to Wear Your Basic T-shirt in Style!

Basic T-shirt is considered casual and almost immature attire option. However they do carry a boyish charm that women find attractive. T-shirts are also more comfortable than collared t-shirts or shirts and so here are five looks that will transform your plain t-shirts into high fashion attire!

Here are 5 Ways to Wear Your Basic T-shirt in Style!

1) Sports jacket look! For this look you need a pair of basic chinos in a subtle color like navy blue or khaki, a sports jacket and your good old t-shirt. This is a very smart look that will go well for casual dinner parties or even lunch dates. It will go well for night out with friends as well. Pair this with really good and classy sneakers in basic colors that are similar to your chino and a great watch. You can take this look to the next level by adding brogues instead of sneakers!

2) Shorts Look. For this look you can pair your casual t-shirt with a good pair of shorts. You shorts can even be printed. If the t-shirt is well fitted (not body fit, just well fitted), go for baggy shorts and if it’s a lose fit then go for fitted shorts. This look is good for beaches, breakfast, and casual day out, grocery shopping even. It goes well with flip-flops as well as loafers. Shorts and sneakers is a common look so avoid that if possible. Printed shorts give you an edge! Sunglasses and hat are good accessories with this day-look.

3) Brogue look. For this look you are going to jazz up your basic t-shit and denim look with the help of Brogues. Brogues are cool and also very smart. They balance out the casual t-shirt look and give you a more mature and adult look. For this look you should wear your basic t-shirt (make sure the prints on it are not very loud or naïve) along with a basic dark blue denim. You should not go for black denims in this look. This should be coordinated with black belt, black brogues and a black watch. You can also opt for brown brogues, belt and watch. This will bring together your brogue and t-shirt look so effortlessly and be rest assured you will stand out!

4) Scarf look. For this look you should wear your t-shirt with jodhpuri style chinos and a scarf around your neck. The scarf should be a nice casual one in the same shade as your jodhpuri style pants! This look is a great exotic mixture of western look with a hint of traditional Indian look. Jodhpuris are Royal and the scarf helps balance out the casualness of your t-shirt. This is a very high fashion and hot look this season!Your footwear should be brogues. Watch is a must for this look.

5) Leather jacket look. This is a very cool and sexy look for men. Leather jacket is a great look for any time of the day and is in itself a style statement. Paired with your t-shirt, the entire look comes off as sexy, approachable and very suave! Leather jacket makes anything look sexy and t-shirts are no exception. Make sure you pair it with light blue denims. Distressed and washed out denims look better with a leather jacket. Black sunglasses are surely a must!

These five looks make you regular t-shirt look much more appealing! It will enhance the boyish charm of the t-shirt style by adding sex appeal. For men who love t-shirts, this is surely the way to do it right.


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