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5 Most Stylish Ways To Wear Jeans: Daily

5 Dapper Daily Jeans Looks Men Must Try

5 Dapper Daily Jeans Look in 2020

Jeans are rugged and versatile. At the same time they are stylish and refined. You can wear them for a casual, grunge, hippie or even for a date look. There are some popular and in fashion looks which you may not get to see around much as jeans are always taken for granted and men never really try to match them up well. So let’s begin:

Dark wash regular fit denim! This is the most perfect pair of jeans you can possibly own. In fact for this look it won’t even matter so much what you pair it off with. All the looks given below have the basic regular fit jeans as the core! As for lighter shades or ripped and distressed jeans, you can try the same look for a more casual effect.

1) Wear a casual and well fitted button up shirt in shades of blue and white. Gray and light pink also do well for this look. You may go for a plain shirt but the one with patterns will be preferred one as it will add a more interesting aspect to your look. Wear dress shoes and a matching belt. By matching, it implies both should be of the same shade palette and need not be exactly the same color. A casual shirt can be tucked in or out depending on its length.

2) Wear a nice dark colored formal button down shirt with a waist-coat. You waist coat should ideally be in shades of grey and the shirt in black. You can add a tie matching your waist coat for a more refined look. You can alternatively use a sweater vest instead of a waist coat. That is a different and more refined look especially for the winters. You need a good pair of dress shoes for this look. Chukka boots would also do well.

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3) For the third look you need to wear a well fitted button down shirt over your jeans. Wear a V-neck sweater over it. If your sweater is plain you may opt for a printed shirt. However, this look is perfect for a sweater with basic geometric patterns and a plain shirt. Chukka boots or monk straps would go well for this look.

4) The next is an ideal look for dates especially during winters or for all you guys who live in colder regions. Wear a nice shirt with your denims and a sports jacket or blazer over it. This will help keep you warm and alternatively also your date if it gets too cold! It’s a sign of chivalry. You may add a tie if it’s a dinner date. Also derbies, brogues or monk straps would complete the look. Wear a nice plain but casual leather belt in a similar shade as your footwear.

5) The last look is a very basic one but an old classis look that will never go out of fashion. Wear a nice white undershirt or basic t-shirt over your jeans. Wear a jacket over it. This look is explosive with a watch and a nice pair of chukka boots. Don’t forget to add a mildly casual chunky belt that matches your footwear.

The purpose of this article was just to remind you guys about the variety of looks that can be tried out with the basics in your wardrobe and a nice pair of jeans. The next time you wear jeans, remember to give an edge to your look by doing justice to it!


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