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5 Different Ways to Style Your Flannel Shirt

5 Different Ways to Style Your Flannel Shirt

So what exactly is a Flannel Shirt ?

A basic flannel shirt is a must have in every man’s wardrobe. If you don’t already have one then these different looks will make you want to own a flannel shirt right away. You can get a basic flannel shirt in any store. Pick a colour of your choice. I personally love a red or a blue flannel. They are a classic. They look good on mostly all skin tones and one cannot go wrong with them.

flannel shirt over plain white t-shirt

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So the first look is the Buttoned up look. For this you need to simply button up your flannel shirt and team it with a pair of denims, trousers, khaki’s or chinos. You can either tuck the shirt in for a dressier look or leave it out for a casual look. If you are tucking it in then style it with a nice belt. You can even roll up your sleeves to add an edge to your look. To complete this look team it up with a nice pair of shoes and a cool watch.

Boots, dress shoes, sneakers, loafers all work well with a flannel shirt, so you can choose your shoes according to your bottom wear and your comfort.

The second look is wearing the flannel over a tee or a wife beater or a vest. For this look you need a basic t-shirt or a vest, I would suggest going with white. If you want to experiment a little team it up with a wife beater. Wear the flannel shirt over the tee. Keep the buttons open. Team it up with a pair or denims, chinos or khaki’s. This look works with both pants and shorts. This is a casual look. Team it up with a pair of sneakers, boots or loafers. Accessorize with a watch.

The third look is a flannel tied at the waist. This is a super cool and super casual look. You will need a basic tee, preferably with short sleeves and a pair of denims, chinos or khakis. Tie your flannel shirt at the waist. Pick colours that work well with your flannel. In case of doubt pick neutral colours or go all black.This is a very casual look, you can accessories with a backwards baseball cap and a watch.

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The fourth look is a winter special look. It is the flannel teamed up with as weather. Wear a flannel shirt, buttoned up. Now wear a sweater over it. Make sure the sweater is in a nice colour that brings out the colours of the flannel shirt and is pretty basic. Animal designs, Christmas colours or funky prints will make this look very gaudy. Pick a neutral coloured solid sweater. The sweater’s length should be such that a little flannel shirt shows at the bottom near the waist. Pick a round or a V-neck. Pull the collars of the flannel shirt above the sweater’s neck. Complete this look with a pair of denims, slacks, trousers or chinos. Cold has never looked better! Recommends you not to miss this – 

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The fifth and the last look is the super sexy Flannel and Jacket look. This is a very stylish look. Pick a jacket that fits you well. Team it up with a buttoned up flannel and a pair of denims or trousers. Accessorize with a watch and some cool glares or aviators. Complete the look with boots or dress shoes, but my personal favourite for this look are black army style boots. You can even add a nice pair of gloves. This is a look where you can even experiment with layers. You can team up a jacket with flannel over a basic tee like your second look giving it a more casual air. In this case do not button up the flannel or maybe just a couple of buttons near the waist. This is one look you can experiment with in two ways.

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Have fun and experiment with these different looks to take utmost advantage of the classic flannel shirt!