Men’s Style Guide – Importance Of Styling Your Face Structure

You face structure may be round, oval, square or triangular. It may also be oblong, diamond or heart. The styling does not only depend on what is in fashion and what you are comfortable with, it also depends on what suits you best because even something that is in fashion may not bring out the best in you.

Before moving ahead. Do you know What face Shape you have? No? Then First
A quick Guide to know your Face Shape in Seconds

As everything starts with your face shape. It is important for you to know What face shape you have. Now that you know your face shape you can go ahead.


In case of eyewear, the basic secret why people look better with sunglasses or spectacles is that they make your face look more symmetric as eyewear is by default symmetric. Apart from this, you eyewear can alter your face structure, well not literally but can surely make you face appear different. A person with an angular face can carry off round frames very well and a person with a round face can carry off rectangular frames very well as your frames can soften or sharpen your look!

Hairstyles –

The easiest hairstyle trick is to make your face look longer with a more vertical styling like spikes or make your oblong face look softer with the help of a flatter hairstyle. Apart from this you can also trim the hair around your sides around your ears to take off the highlight from cheekbones if you feel chubby as well as make your beard growth appear to be denser if your growth is mild. Thus your hairstyle can influence your appearance to a very large extent apart from the basic – style that suits the occasion.


Your beard is the crown of your face. It can dramatically alter the shape and structure of your chin and length of your face especially when combined with the perfect hairstyle. A narrow chin will appear wider with a fuller beard and a wide chin will appear narrow with a style like goatee or short van dyke. Angular jaw lines can carry off designer stubbles like none other. Thus, identifying your face structure and styling accordingly would be a wise decision.

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The purpose of this article is to highlight on the importance of developing your own personal style and not following the herd. Do check out our detailed description of various face structures to identify your look.


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