Fed Up Wearing Jeans? Here Are 5 Alternatives For Men

5 Alternatives To Jeans For Men – Chino, Trouser, Joggers, Etc

Fed Up Wearing Jeans Here Are 5 Alternatives

Everyone will agree to me when I say – a good pair of jeans is an important staple in every man’s wardrobe. One can’t even imagine what to wear if his jeans get missing! One of reason why jeans is so popular across countries is it barely needs to be washed and can be styled with anything. But I get many messages saying – they are fed up styling jeans all the time and are looking out for alternatives to jeans. That’s the reason I have come up with a blog that will help you style yourself with 5 different alternatives to jeans. All you have to do is complete your look with dress shirt, t shirt, tank tops, blazers or jackets.

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Check Out The Best 5 Alternatives To Jeans And Flaunt The Look:

1. Chino:

In my earlier blogs I have always mentioned how important it is for men to have chinos in their wardrobe. Chino is one of the best alternatives to jeans as it can be styled for casual, semi-formal as well as formal occasion. Just grab a right chino colour and you are ready to go.

2. Trouser:

You can’t style jeans for formal occasion or at office thus it very important to invest in a bottom wear that can be styled with suits, blazer and dress shirt to get formal look. Nothing can be great then a trouser for this. Go out for dark colour trouser like grey, black, brown or navy blue.

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3. Joggers:

Joggers is loved by men all over the glove because of its comfort with amazing style. You can style it with jackets or open shirt jacket or overcoat for stunning look. A pair of good sneakers or loafers will add up to your style.

4. Shorts:

There will be no man who doesn’t like to wear shorts as it’s stylish and highly comfortable. You can pair it up with floral or solid colour t shirt or shirt for day outs. Make sure your shorts are not too long or short as it can break the look. It’s one of the cool alternatives to jeans and can be styled in variety of ways.

5. Cargo:

Cargo long back was in trend and went off trend few years back but I am very happy to see it making a stunning comeback recently. You can style it for lunch with family, movie date with girlfriend and evening house party with friends. Make sure you invest in good colour as it can ruin your look as well.

Now You Have 5 Alternatives To Jeans! Try Out Right Now, But Before That Don’t Forget To Share!

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5 Alternatives To Jeans - Chino, Trouser, Joggers
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5 Alternatives To Jeans - Chino, Trouser, Joggers, Etc