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High Man Bun Hairstyles To Elevate Your Style Quotient

This is a very dapper and creative style statement that will give you the artsy aesthetic and casual edge! It is a carefree style and defines the casually sexy men! The high man bun is legit the sexiest man bun style. It is a very charming and casual style that easy going men can pull off effortlessly. If you love casual styles and enjoy the mysterious yet intriguing personality then this look is for you.

Before getting into the details, here are some other man bun hairstyles that you should definitely look forward to get:

This style is high on the effortlessly sexy look so ideally your man bun has to be pretty effortless. Another point to keep in mind is that the high man bun is a relatively tight knot despite being a casual style so ideally men with a fuller growth should opt for this style because you essentially need to really sleek down your hair to get the perfect look.

The high knot is often combined with the undercut or fade styles however if the knot is too tiny then this will just make your head look bulbous. So despite this being a very popular style, do not take risks unless you have a thick growth at the crown area of your head.

You will start by combing your hair with a comb and not a hair brush. Comb will help control the hair better. Also if you have thick curls, you will have to go for the bun after a hair wash and ensure that you can bring it a bit under control. But a very easy trick for thick curls is that you can get your hair styled in layers and then just go in with a semi-tight bun with lose layers framing your face. This is easy to manage and also a sexy youthful look.

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There a quite a few variations and styles you can try along with the High man bun. We have brought you the best among them.

Check out theses High Man Bun:

Dreadlock High Man Bun:

The Dreadlock gives the savage impression to men and the longer the hair the better. But if you are looking for a way to maintain your dreads and not keep it loose, the high man bun is the best option. You can flaunt your dreadlock hairstyle without worrying about the keeping your hair in place. This look gives the matured look and is one of the favorites when it comes to dreadlocks.

Curly High Man Bun:

If you have curly long hair and are worried about which style to sport along with it, then the high man bun is the right thing to do. You can flaunt your natural curls in the right way and it is a stylish hair style for men who wish to be trendy and fashionable. The hair is slightly curled and then robbed into bun.

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High Man Bun