3 Perfect Looks Men Can Steal From These Bloggers

Style Guide For Men’s Perfect Look – Do’s & Don’ts, Outfit Styling, Etc

In our earlier blog we mentioned 3 perfect looks every man needs but there are few more looks that look stunning but men don’t try them out fearing it’s childish. There is no need to get bothered about what people will think about your look as it’s their work to judge you so it’s better to concentrate on your styling not people. Everyone needs some change in life and these 3 looks are perfect for your styling change. Trust me I have not come up with any weird looks but something you have already seen people wearing on the streets but never tried wondering it won’t suit you. I have also mentioned some looks of the famous bloggers for your help. No fashion is bad unless you can’t carry it well. Here in this blog I will guide you through 3 different casual looks that you would love to try while your weekends.

Check Out Our 3 Basic Looks –

3 Perfect Looks Every Man Needs

Here Are 3 Perfect Looks You Should Try As Soon As Possible

1. Preppy Look:

No, preppy look is not about women! Men can flaunt it better than women it’s just a matter of styling it correctly. Preppy look is one of the trendy looks all over the globe as it allows men to appear high-functioning. Preppy look is best for Friday casuals, your colleagues won’t help taking off eyes from you! Time has change so should you and your styling, you can’t stick to your boring formals. It looks good on man of any age, shapes and fashion tastes. All you have to do is grab on a cool chino style it with t-shirt and a blazer. Here you are ready to go and flaunt your prep style. I have a list of things you can style to get this look in minutes:
Polo ShirtsChinosBlazersSweatshirtsBroguesNecktiesBelts

2. Hipster look:

If you want to draw attention nothing can be best than hipster look. It’s a trendy men’s fashion and loved by many. In recent years Hipster style has become one of the dominant men’s fashion styles. Not many grownups go for it as it is generally styled by teenagers and young men. This may create insecurity within you whether it is worth try or you may end up having a fashion disaster. Well, I would recommend you to try this look as it is fresh and amazing, trust me you will look stunning and surely gain many social media likes! Take out a loose t shirt ripped jeans and a beanie and you are done. Here is a list of things to need to get a hipster look:
Jackets, BootsBraceletsBeaniesVintage t-shirtsDenimSunglasses

3. Rock Star look:

We all party like a rock star so why not style one too. Everyday dressing is boring and mundane. It time to escape from regular styling and try something exciting and breath-taking. But while styling you should know your boundaries as overdoing can spoil your look and people will start gossiping about you instead of adoring you. You can go for this look while chilling out with friends, clubbing or a night out. Take a leather jacket, jeans and long t shirt to get a complete rock star look. Here are few things you will need to enhance this look:
Jackets, Slim fit jeansCardigansDenim shirtsBootsSunglasses, T shirts

Check Out Our 3 Basic Looks –

3 Perfect Looks Every Man Needs

Here Were 3 Perfect Looks For Men. Hope You Like It And Will Surely Try It Soon!