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3 Mind-blowing Ways for Styling Sports Jackets!

3 Smart And Dapper Ways Men Can Style Their Sports Jackets!

Sports jacket is the arsenal that can help you master the casual look in the most charming manner possible! It is a cool and casual yet elegant style statement that can help you grab the limelight wherever you go. This is an important piece of fashion that can help you get through those important dates and events that are too casual for suits but not casual enough for just you tees and denims! It is the jacket that not only goes well with your denims but also lifts the entire denim look!

There are several types of sports jackets and they are characterized by a more casual pattern and print. For instance, the most popular style of sports jacket is tweed herringbone with an elbow patch. It is conservative but trendy and also elegant. You must own a good sports jacket.

Given below are the three looks that work so well with a sports jacket!

1) Shirt Style

This is the classic after work look. It is suitable for all your semi-formal parties and occasions. It is the ultimate casual look that will surely make heads turn! If you are going for this look, you will need a pair of brogues, a smart sports jacket, plain shirt (preferably white or blue) and your denims.

Wear a smart combination of dark blue denims with a plain white shirt. You denims can be faded if it is a more casual event with friends or a date, otherwise you need the basic dark blue denims. You may also alternatively wear chinos in subtle and dark shades. Your shirt can be navy blue, mauve or even wine colored shirt. Make sure it is a dress shirt and is well tucked in. You can put on a belt with this look too but make sure it matches your brogues! A watch is a must. This look is ideal for blazers in shades of greys and browns. It is great especially for cold weathers as it keeps you warm. Make sure your sports jacket is not too bright and colorful. It should be a bit conservative as this is a shirt look!

2) T-shirt Style

This look is for dates and outings with friends, be it lunch or dinner. This look is also great for parties and other such casual events. It comprises of a t-shirt (preferably plain/simple/mature), your denims and the sports jacket.

For this look the sports jacket can be a bit more on the trendy side as this is a completely casual look. You cannot pull this off at work unless the theme is to dress casual! Even in that case you must avoid this look as it is unprofessional look. However, it is wonderful and charming for dates. This is because the look has a young charm that women are attracted to.  The t-shirt should be something simple with a basic print. Don’t go too loud or wild with the t-shirt. This is because the sports jacket should be bell of the hour and your t-shirt must not take away the charm! It should be in cool colors like light salmon and shades of blue.

Your denims can be washed but avoid ripped as you have a sports jacket on. You may wear chinos instead of denims. Belt is a compulsory accessory however you may skip the watch if you feel so. Your footwear can be sneakers (with denims) or brogues (with chinos). This is because this look is the balance between formal and casual look and inclining more towards the casual look!

3) Sweater Style

This is a cool new style that has taken the fashion shows by the wave! It comprises of a sports jacket, sweater, shirt or t-shirt and chinos. This is more of a winter look, obviously, but it is surely a great look to pull off. It is perceived as an intellectual and mature look. You can add some more character to this look with the help of the perfect pair of spectacles and watch!

So to start off, you need a pair of chinos. Keep a shirt over it for a date but a t-shirt over for like a casual outing with friends or just casual get together.  Keep your shirt or t-shirt a bit bright in color. Salmon or lime are good shades to go by. Also a bright blue, white or grey would do well. Then over that you need your classic V-neck or round neck sweater depending on what your style is. The sweater should be a classic simple sweater. That is exactly why your shirt or t-shirt should be a bit on the brighter side. And of course, start of the hour, the sports jacket over it. This look is for the chilly nights and romantic dates where you often end up lending your jacket to your partner as well as for the fun night outs with your friends to the cool new restaurant in town.

These looks provide a basic guidance to help you find your style. It is very important to pamper yourself with some good style!


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