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Tie Clip Styling Guide – How to Wear Tie Clips Like Ryan Reynolds

The Ryan Reynolds Tie Clip

Tie Clip have made a giant come back, thankfully! This is the one style accessory that should not have really been lost in fashion and we are glad it is back. Well no better way to revive a fashion trend than with some super hero help, right? Ryan Reynolds has been seen flaunting this particular tie-pin and that is just EVERYTHING!

So this tie-pin is a simple arrow in silver and sometimes even gold. It is classy, smart and really cool. It has been his choice of accessory throughout deadpool promotions and it’s safe to say that especially after the huge success of the movie, this tiny tie-pin is all the rage in fashion.

For all your formal office looks, all you can do is add in a bit of spunk with this one and only merchandise that can actually be carried off to work like a boss! This is not the first time that a fashion trend has been set by a celebrity but no one has ever done it like Ryan Reynolds.

Now you should go for and absolute all formal look with your suit and the oxfords. You tie should be a nice single colored simple tie with the tie-pin being the main attraction. You need to make sure the arrow design is very sharp and definite as it is a bit intricate for a tie-pin. The finesse gives it life! You can opt for the silver one for all formal looks and is definitely more versatile than the one in gold. If you are just starting off with tie-pins there is no better incentive for you than starting off as a super hero! Also, be rest assured, this is a conversation starter.


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