10 Loft Room Ideas To Make Best Use Of Living Space

A loft is an open, flexible and large space usually without any interior walls except for the bathroom. It is somewhat similar to a studio apartment and can be characterized by high ceiling, spacious windows,exposed pipes, brick walls and concrete floors. A loft apartment is perfect for someone who wants a creative living and working space both at one place.

Living a loft life can be a little expensive but here’s why its totally worth it-

  • Create and customize your space

A loft is pretty spacious and tall enough, this gives you the benefit to customize it as per your preference.You can decorate and create your own space. Even the smallest loft will have ample space so you’ll have plenty of designing and decorating opportunities.

  • Natural Light

Vaulted ceilings come with huge windows and no walls means no barriers. So there’s a enough way for natural light to come in and brighten up your space. And who doesn’t want light and bright homes? Best part, you save on electricity too!

  • Home Office

Planning to run a small business but at comfort of your own home? Then worry no more! Some lofts are zoned for residential and commercial use,so you can carry out your business without worrying much of the legalities. You can also move around anywhere and keep changing your workspace as you wish, unlike those where you’re assigned a permanent place and can’t move much.

Here are some amazing loft room ideas for inspiration…

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