How to Select the Best Upholstery Fabrics for Your Curtains

A lovely pair of curtains can make a difference to your home or office space. You can choose coordinating colours which serve to bring your entire colour scheme together. It is also possible for you to have matching accessories such as cushions or table covers made to finish off the look. In order to have the best possible function and look, it is important that you choose your fabrics carefully. Fabrics come in all manner of colours, weights, textures, some have a blackout facility and some have a sheer quality which will let the light pass through. So, what should your selection process involve?

Purpose of Your Curtains

You must first decide on the purpose of your curtains, this will determine the fabric that you need. For example, are you looking for a fabric that will simply cut out some of the light? Do you want to be able to see through your fabric or do you want it to have a complete blackout quality? If you live in sunny climbs, you may want some shade from the sun and require a fabric that offers a bit of shade. If you are making some bedroom curtains, you may want a blackout facility so that you are not awakened too early from the sun streaming in through the window. It may even be that you do not need your curtain to provide you with a function. Many people simply enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a curtain and do not necessarily require that they close. They are simply left to drape around the window.

Type of Fabric

You must next decide on the type of fabric. You can choose from a wool mix, voile, muslin, lace, linen, silk, velvet and so on. It is always a good idea to touch the fabric, hold it up to the light and if you can obtain a sample, bring it to your home and see it in situ, you will always be able to make a better decision if you can do that. All made to measure upholstery fabrics have their advantages but you must make sure that it is going to be fit for your purpose. Certain fabrics will be more suitable for curtain hanging styles, for example, do you plan to use eyelets or pencil pleats? Some fabrics will crush more than others and some fabrics may be washable, so when choosing the fabric, tie this in with your purpose.

Weight of Fabric

Some of the heavier fabrics make excellent draught excluders and some of the lighter fabrics can give your room a bright, airy feel. Heavier fabrics will require care when hanging as they will have to be supported by a robustly attached pole or rail.


Curtain fabrics will come in different qualities and if it is for a curtain that will be getting a lot of regular and heavy use, you will always be better with a quality fabric that will be more inclined to stand up to that type of use. For those who change their window coverings regularly, a cheaper option may work better.

When choosing upholstery fabric for your curtains, you need to choose carefully as not all fabrics can be used for curtains. If a fabric is too stiff for example, it will not hang properly. 

Well made curtains can certainly enhance the appearance of your space so take your time and consider all of the factors before making a final choice.

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