10 Best Great Room Decorating Ideas

The great room is going to see the most people in your house. It serves as a communal space and should include the personality of your family. However, it can feel daunting to decorate it. Do you need help figuring out how to move forward?

Be sure to read all of these top great room decorating ideas. Everything you need to know to create the best great room is right here! Let’s get started.

1.  Split Up Space

If you have a large great room, you can split up the space. You can include the dining room and living room together, but place the furniture so the two areas feel separate. Using different sets of furniture also helps to achieve this look.

Splitting up the great room is a wonderful idea. It ensures that your space serves plenty of functions while remaining a comfortable, gathering location within your home.

2. Keep It Family Friendly

Every family is going to have its own unique needs at home. We recommend that you consider those needs while designing your great room. For example, if you have young ones at home, you want to layout the area so you can see your kids while you’re in the kitchen. 

Open setups are the best for this, as they allow you to keep an eye on your young ones while you work in the kitchen. However, families with older kids may appreciate having a more closed-off space. You can organize the furniture to create separate “rooms” within the great room in those cases.

3. Keep Furniture Away From Walls

Many people tend to press all of the furniture against the walls. Doing so makes the space feel more compact and smaller- making your family feel crowded. Since the great room is the largest in the home, you should have the space to spread out.

Make sure that none of your furniture is against the wall. This idea is floating your furniture; it helps the room look wider. Plus, following this method also allows you to create different areas within your great room. That way, you can have separate spaces for different functions.

4. Create a Unique Focal Point

Focal points are spaces in your great room which draw attention. One popular option would be to install a fireplace, but you can make your decoration more unique.

An electric fireplace creates a modern yet rustic appearance within the room. Using a reclaimed wooden mantle furthers that effect, giving you the best rustic designs. An real flame electric fireplace has customizable flames and releases heat, creating the same vibe as wood-burning ones without all the mess.

Depending on the model that you buy, your guests will believe that the fireplace is real- which is extremely impressive to most people. Overall, every room needs to have a focal point when it comes to design. You can experiment with electric fireplaces since they come in many attractive styles.

5. Try a Sunken Living Room

You can also consider trying a sunken living room. Doing so helps you make the sitting area feel like its own space- making it perfect for hanging out and relaxing. You can design the recessed area to have its theme as well.

For example, you could add carpet, then include a matching couch and other furniture items. The more you make the sunken space take on a life of its own, the more it will feel like another room in your great room.

6. Use a Bright Carpet

If you are using many whites and monotone colors in your great room, adding a bright colored flooring can help bring more variety to your room. For example, an orange or yellow carpet in a mostly white room would “pop” and add more personality.

Many people also use bright carpets and rugs to bring attention to the living space of the great room. The brighter colors draw eyes, taking them away from your kitchen or other working spaces.

A brighter flooring works as a focal point and makes the area stand out. Because of that, many people use this idea for social spaces in their great rooms.

7. Consider French Doors

French Doors are a wonderful source of natural light, spreading through all areas of your great room. They also give you easy access to the outside or other areas of the home. Make sure to also think about whether you want the doors to swing into or out of the room- this determines where you will need to place your floating furniture.

8. Add More Lighting

Adding lighting is a great idea for improving the design of your great room. You will want to place lighting fixtures around places where socializing should take place. Even if your dining table is not in the center of your room, you should still put the chandelier over top of it.

There are many different lighting fixtures that you can add as well. For instance, table lamps, floor lamps, and other lights fixed to the ceiling are always amazing options.

9. Make a Feature Wall

A feature stands apart from the other walls, making it another focal point in the room. You can set artwork above your fireplace, drawing attention to space. Making a feature wall gives off a feeling of organization to visitors within your home. 

10. Add a Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks are cozy little corners that allow you to enjoy your mornings. If you want to install one, the great room might be the best place to do so. Round tables in nooks tend to look the best since they provide ample space for people to sit around.

Your breakfast nook doesn’t need to be closed off from the rest of the great room, but you can set it apart with a different furniture set.

Keep It Organized

As long as you keep the great room organized, it will look wonderful. You need to consider where you place furniture to not make it feel too crowded. From there, you can consider different ways to split the room into several functional sections.

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